MJA Box Wagons GB Railfreight 502027 & 502028

MJA Box Wagons GB Railfreight 502027 & 502028

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The MJA bogie ballast wagon was introduced in 2003 and was built by Wagony Swidnica in Poland. The primary use of the wagon is for the carrying of stone, minerals and other aggregates. The wagons operated almost always in pairs with buffers at one end and the other end bar coupled to the twin wagon. The wagon is still used widely today.

The Dapol model is of a coupled pair of wagons and has the following features:
• Twin wagon set complete with coupling bar
• Finely moulded body with many separately added details
• Finely applied livery with accurately printed detail
• Profiled wheels
• NEM pockets with self-centering couplings