Leyland Titan - London Transport

Leyland Titan - London Transport

  • £28.00

In 1983 London Transport celebrated its Golden Jubilee, in March of that year they took delivery of a brand new Titan, T747 (OHV 747Y). At first glance T747 appeared to be more of a celebration of Leyland rather than London Transport, decorated as it was with Leyland oriented branding adorning its gold livery with white and yellow trim. For the 50th anniversary it received a commemorative fleet number T1983, an optimistic fleet number as orders for Titans did not continue further than 1125. As London Transport's Jubilee programme of open days got under way, T747 was allocated to a variety of routes in and around the south east of London. Our model depicts T747 in its Jubilee livery whilst carrying its temporary T1983 fleet number, operating out of the Camberwell garage and working route 188 to Greenwich Maritime museum.

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