Ratio offer a wide range of products for the British modeller. with a selection of station buildings to scenic structures enough to enhance and model railway. In the 00 gauge Trackside series Ratio offer a selection of buildings from stations, signal boxes, water towers and footbridges. Also the trackside series include street lamps to telegraph poles.  Also in the OO scale Trackside series Ratio offer a kits from a carriage shed to a coaling station. Also everything you would need to make a goods yard including a yard crane to a oil depot. In OO Ratio also offer a selection of fencing for different regions around the UK including GWR, LMS and SR fencing as well as security style fencing. In the OO signal range Ratio offer a complete range of signals from SR home signals to a LNER lattice post signals. Wagon and van kits are also available in OO with highlights like the BR Banana Van. Coaches are also available in kits for modellers looking for a challenge to build an entire train from scratch. In O gauge Ratio also offer a small selection of kits including a GWR home signal and some telegraph poles.